MACS Participation Statement

Royal Holloway MACS recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.


Royal Holloway University of London Mountaineering And Climbing (MACS) Society Helmet Policy.


As a result of a serious incident involving a member of the college, the safety officer of the college and the president of MACS discussed the issue of helmet wearing at length; the following policy is to address the issues raised by the incident and subsequent discussions between all parties involved.


  • Where possible all current members of RHUL while engaged in climbing must wear helmets.  This is to include both lead climbing and seconding.


  • In cases where there are not enough helmets available all attempts must be made to ensure that by sharing etc, those actively climbing wear a helmet (eg lowering a helmet to a third climber once the leader has ‘topped out').


  • Graduate/associate members of MACS (i.e. not current members of RHUL) will not be required to wear a helmet while engaged in climbing; although it is hoped that they will follow in the spirit of the policy and will wear a helmet when in situations where a helmet is particularly prudent (i.e. seconding at a crag with a high risk of falling rock etc).


  • The only exceptions to the policy are:
  1. Climbing at an indoor wall.
  2. ‘Top roping' a route where the objective danger (falling rocks/gear etc) is considered to be virtually nil - this can only be assessed by a competent member of MACS (leader assessed + experience).


  • The enforcement of the policy is the responsibility of MACS President or the appointed trip leader.  Anyone refusing to comply with the policy will be considered to no longer be a part of the trip and may no longer enjoy the privilege of MACS membership until the President, the committee and the individual address the issue.


This policy is considered to be in place as of September 1999.


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