MACS Participation Statement

Royal Holloway MACS recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.

Events and Competitions

BUCS 2012

The BUCS climbing championship took part on the 17th of March at The Works in Sheffield and four of our members took part.

Full results are on

RHUL summary below.

  Position/of (points)
Royal Holloway 45/48 (467)
Ali Burns 153/217 (168)
Ziyad Soobhan 175/217 (144)
Beren Roy 35/102 (155)
Isabel Brinsden 67/102 (108)

LUBE 2011/12

The London Universities Bouldering Event, known as ‘LUBE’ to you and me, is a student competition for climbers from all over London. There are 4 rounds to the event, each at a different London climbing wall. Bouldering is such a fun part of climbing and there’s no better way to enjoy it then by climbing alongside your friends with a little friendly competition for motivation. If you want to take part in any future rounds, please let one of the committee know – it would be great to see some new faces, and it really is worth it.

Happy bouldering!


  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Overall
Royal Holloway A 311
538 1423 - 10th/27
Royal Holloway B 260
299 972 - 18th/27
Jack Appleby 136
197 596 - 14th/104
Ali Burns 90
197 458 - 21st/104
Ziyad Soobhan 90
87 80 157 414 - 27th/104
George Nichols 95
84 x x 179 - 64th/104
Miles Edmunton x
x 104 - 87th/104
Paco Cordobes x
x 34 42 76 - 93rd/104
Craig Rice 71 x
x 71 - 94th/104
Beren Roy 80 64
144 351 - 11th/41
Isabel Brinsden x 45 60
100 205 - 18th/41
Heather Rumble 80
57 x x 157 - 24th/41
Faye Done x
x 57 x 57 - 35th/41



Thanks to everyone!


Rab Mountain Marathon 2010

This year three members of MACs teamed up with ULGMC member and mountain marathon veteran, Mike Hale, to take part in the RAB Mountain Marathon 2010, this year in the Lake District.

Alex Wolfgang (MACs Pres) and Stephan Tietz (MACs) made up one team, while Heather Rumble (MACs VP) and Mike Hale (ULGMC) entered as another. Both teams survived without too many injuries and came in at 141st and 114th (out of 268) respectively. Not bad for a first attempt!

For those who've never heard of a mountain marathon, the basic idea is to complete a course of checkpoints over two days, carrying all your camping gear with you for a wild camp on the Saturday night. The checkpoints a team chooses are based heavily on how many points they are worth, how easy they are to get to and the strengths of each team (for example, whether a team is better at walking fast up hills, or running fast on flats).

In eleven hours our teams covered somewhere between 37 and 39 km each, over hills, through bogs and down slippery slopes.

To find out more about the event and for more results and photos, click here.

The RAB teams. Left to right: Heather, Mike, Stephan and Alex

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